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Sourdough Starter (Dry but Alive!)
Sourdough Starter (Dry but Alive!)
Sourdough Starter (Dry but Alive!)

Sourdough Starter (Dry but Alive!)

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A foolproof way to start baking sourdough at home.
Bring home a healthy, established, organic dry sourdough starter from southern Manitoba. The starter is dehydrated but very much alive - full of beneficial lactic acid bacteria and wild yeast. All it needs is a little water, flour, and 5 days to get reactivated. One package will turn into more than a liter of bubbling active sourdough starter that can last you a lifetime!
Easy to follow reactivation instructions included.
Includes: 50g dry starter
Once you reactivate your starter, you will have a lifelong supply of sourdough starter culture to use in any sourdough recipe, including bread, fluffy focaccia, pizza crust, crackers, cornbread and more! Keep me fed and you'll never have to buy store-bought yeast again!
What you''ll need: medium size glass container, all-purpose flour & water
Start right away or store in a cool dry place.
Refridgerate for long term storage.
Allergy warning: This product contains gluten.

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